Characteristics of a Good SEO Article and Tips on Producing Valued Content

Characteristics of a Good SEO Article and Tips on Producing Valued Content

This goes without any debate that the content produced in the form of articles is the backbone of an SEO campaign. The SEO articles serve as means of bringing sales and traffic to a website; moreover, these articles play a crucial role in increasing the visibility of the website.

As easy as it may seem, writing SEO based article is not that simple. It is a science, and web marketing services providers have dedicated professionals for writing articles. The lines below would shed light on the factors that must be there in a good SEO article, tips on producing valuable SEO content.

Characteristics of a Good SEO Article:

There are simple SEO articles and there are good SEO articles. Some of the characteristic features of good SEO articles are given below:

1. Informative:

A good SEO article, although written for SEO purpose, yet would be informative in every aspect. Besides pleasing the search engine, a good SEO article would be written by keeping the users in mind. As users require information, therefore a good article needs to be as informative about the topic as possible.

2. Persuasive:

Persuasion is another characteristic that a good SEO article must possess. A good article must make the reader click on the website to learn more, and burn a fire of learning more in the reader. This will lead to higher traffic towards the website.

3. Establishes Authority:

This is one of the most important characteristic of a good content. a good article must establish the business as an authority on a topic pertinent to the industry of the business. a quality article with facts and figures, makes it authoritative and readers always turn to such sources where they could find quality and reliable information. The more authoritative a website gets in terms of providing quality information to its visitors, the more traffic the website gains, and the SEO objective of higher ranking is achieved with ultimately.

4. Well Written:

No matter how factual, how much persuasive, and how much informative an article is, if it’s not well written and presented in the right way then it won’t be able to live up to what is expected of it and would result in waste of time. Spelling errors, unorganized content, incomplete phrases, poor grammar, and not to mention the forced embedding of keywords makes the content poor and non-presentable, thus causing the reader to switch.

Producing Valuable Content:

Every SEO optimization services provider would tell you that online marketing is all about creating value. Therefore, the content produced needs to be valuable. Following tips can help in producing valuable content:

Write content by searching out the key phrases most searched by the audience of your niche
The topic should be catchy and must contain problem solving words like, how to, best ways, top reasons, and so on.
The articles must be written by keeping the target audience in mind so that the readers could easily grasp the information.
In writing the article, try to be as brief as possible, as the objective of article is to direct the readers towards your website, therefore, it needs to be brief and within 350-500 words.


In short, good written SEO articles are the main tools utilized by online marketers to attract traffic towards the website. Besides being a traffic means, these articles directly impact the visibility of the website as well.