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We will develop the best solution for your online store vision

E-Commerce Development

Electronic commerce, or E-commerce for short, generally refers to the online trading of products or services. In simple terms, an e-commerce website is just like a normal website, except this type of website allows you to do business on your website. Additionally, e-commerce websites allow their customers to complete transactions online without ever having to handle any cash as clients will use their credit cards to make purchases. This is a very advanced way of doing business and you should have a very strong brand in order to pull this off.

Our extensive knowledge in E-commerce will allow us to assist you in planning your online store, add various payment gateways like Payfast, Paygate, Paypal, VCS and more and get your products to your customers by integrating with various courier suppliers across South Africa and the World.

We will also assist you in getting traffic to your website by creating and managing a custom Google Search and Shopping campaign for your new online shop!

Our Capabilities

  • Quick roll-out
  • Cost-effective
  • Extensive product management included
  • Integration with your POS system like UniPOS
  • Automated invoice to your customers
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Courier Integration with automated pickup and delivery modules
  • Marketing campaigns and coupons systems
  • And much more.
  • We will develop the best solution for your online store vision

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