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We custom design and build your app for you, we also handle all the app store submissions.

App Development

We build, deploy, and manage custom, native iPhone, Android, and iPad apps. We custom design and build your app for you, we also handle all the app store submissions and do a great write up for your app. Our app can be seen used by companies like SAB, OFM and OVK.

Our unique approach to app building goes hand in hand with our ability to develop complex and advanced online software solutions, allowing you to control anything on your app.

We develop Android, IOS and PWA solutions for our clients.

Even if you are working in a remote location, we can develop an offline app for you that will sync as soon as your device gets connected to the Internet.

Do I Need An App?

Well, what will your app be used for? Is it for work, fun or information?

Apps are not always the answer when it comes to basic information-sharing.

Your app should engage or offer a valuable service to clients or it should increase and ease your business workflow. Apps generally can fall into categories like work apps or services apps.

We thrive on planning and creating expert app solutions for our clients that offer unique services to their clients or that would just like to improve their productivity at work.

Some apps we have developed are for Radio Stations with Live streaming, Online bidding, Data Capturing, Promotions Management with promoters that are off-site, Offline apps that are used across the Karoo for sheep shearing, stocktaking, Task management and basic services reporting.

Book an appointment with us to discuss your app needs.