Why Does my Business Need a Web Presence?

Why Does my Business Need a Web Presence?

By now you probably know what a website is and have experienced it first hand, but why does my company need one, you may ask.

For the same reason you introduce yourself to another person or hand out business cards – you want to let them know who you are and what you (your company or business) can do for them.
Simply put, you want to inform people that your company exists and you are willing to conduct business with them.

Other reasons include:

  • Accessibility – Having your own website means your company will be accessible by any person with internet access, from virtually anywhere in the world, 24 7 365 days.
    Your website will also start featuring in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. which enables users to search for products or services and in turn drive traffic to your site.
  • Market research – You can also implement features like voting polls, feedback forms, etc. in your website which allows you to analyse the target market and determine what approach or strategy is best to increase sales, based on the feedback received.
  • Control – Being able to add or edit the content of your website (if you have a Content Management System) without asking someone to do it for you, not only saves you money but puts you in control.
  • Credibility – A business without a website can also create trust issues like:
    • Can the business really deliver on what they promise?
    • Is the business a scam?
  • Transparency – No more being in the dark about what your business is about and the services or products you supply. 

In today’s day and age with all its technical advances, an effective web presence is an Absolute Must Have.

Fail to comply with your customer’s needs and your business will become invisible and they will go to the next best thing – Your Competitors.