Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

For every business, the importance of a website is increasingly important particularly in today’s world. While a website may serve as the face of your company, having one is simply not enough. To generate new customers and ultimately sales, traffic to your website must be generated somehow. This is where search engine optimization comes into play.

When one searches for information about a particular topic, you generally use a search engine when you don’t know the exact domain name. The search engine will then produce a number of results. Have you ever wondered why certain websites appear before others? Well in such a competitive world you want to ensure that your website has the most relevant information in your field. Being ranked number one on search engines increases the amount of traffic to your website. This is done through search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) may include image, video, academic, news, industry specific and local searches. It works in looking at what people search for, and keywords typed into search engines. Search engine optimization also looks at which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience to assist in gaining a higher ranking than your competitors.

Below are five simple tips for search engine optimization.

1. Keyword Research
This is the first basic step of search engine optimization is knowing which keywords or search strings people are looking for.

2. On-Site SEO
On-Site search engine optimization includes changing of title tags, inserting meta tags and meta description, internal links, header tags, images names and alt tags.

3. Content Strategy
The more content that you site has, the more likely that you will be able to retain visitors.

4. Link Building
This part of search engine optimization entails linking your website to as many relevant websites as possible.

5. Social Media
Sharing content on social media greatly helps to improve the rankings.

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