Innovative new technology creates a safe-haven for the rhino

Innovative new technology creates a safe-haven for the rhino

Dimension Data and Cisco joined forces to protect the rhino by harnessing some of the world’s most sophisticated technology.

The two companies have deployed the technology in an unnamed private game reserve adjacent to the world-renowned Kruger National Park

This proactive approach intercepts poachers before they harm the animal by focusing on tracking people and leaving the rhino to roam freely.

Darting the rhinos with tranquillizers to insert sensors into their horns or insert a chip under their skin can be stressful and risky for the animal.

But this Connected Conservation technology is completely non-invasive, and instead, aims to proactively track people instead of rhinos, and stop people entering the reserve illegally.

The game reserve is situated in a very remote location, and communication among park rangers and control office was limited due to the lack of basic technology infrastructure.

Using Dimension Data’s solutions, game rangers can use data analytics to monitor the entry and exit of people visiting the game reserve and turn the data into actionable information.

The solution employs:

  • A secure park area network
  • Data collection and analysis via CCTV/biometric scanning
  • Wi-Fi and local area networks at each entrance
  • LORA technology throughout the reserve
  • Sensors on the reserve periphery and for tracking vehicles entering and exiting the reserve
  • Thermal imaging along the park perimeter
  • Connection to a national database
  • Multiple devices with access to all data
  • Threat alerts to help proactive decision making
  • Automatic backup and continuous system availability
  • Predictive modelling
  • Helicopters to ensure prompt response to identified threats

Dimension Data is passionate about protecting South Africa’s wildlife heritage for future generations and believes that technology can solve critical environmental challenges.

“With this project, we’re starting a groundswell of real change in conservation, demonstrating the capacity to protect not only the rhino but also other endangered animals, in more geographies,” said Bruce Watson, Group Executive, Cisco Alliance: Dimension Data.

Over time, the technology will be replicated in other reserves in South Africa, Africa, and globally.

This intends to not only protect rhinos, but conserve other endangered species including elephants, lions, pangolin, tigers in India and Asia, and even sea rays in the ocean.

For more information about the technology used to protect the rhinos, visit the Dimension Data website.