How Facebook can help you achieve your business goals

How Facebook can help you achieve your business goals

SOCIAL media have become a vital component in any business, supporting other marketing and communication campaigns.

One way to use social media in your business is by integrating Facebook directly into your sales funnel (the visual representation of the steps required to sell your products or services). Below are some tips to help you start with this.

Social media can directly be integrated to support your sales funnel. For example, if you sell event tickets, you can use Facebook to highlight all the seats that were purchased by your friends.

Facebook can also help companies that offer property rental services. The social network can be used to find home owners who are renting out their properties and get to know them. The concept can be taken further if a friend has ever rented their property and if they have recommended it. Using Facebook this way is great for market research. Clients can also get recommendations from people in their own circles instead of from outside networks increasing their trust in your business.

Getting recommendations online is not a new marketing idea and is one of the best as it supports word of mouth marketing. Using recommendations allows your users the freedom to decide if they really need your products or services.

Focus on your business objectives

Social media allows people to engage with another and to discuss and share what is being offered online. Your business can capitalise on this by providing the social media channels for services or product discussions to both potential and current clients. Using social media to increase your visibility online provides you with the opportunity to serve your clients efficiently.

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