Google News redesign

Google News redesign

Google has redesigned its News desktop website, which makes it easier to navigate.

“We redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users,” said Google.

The new interface includes:

  • A card format that makes it easier to browse, scan, and identify related articles.
  • The new layout focuses on key elements, such as publisher names and article labels.
  • A user’s view and place on the page is maintained as they click in and out of stories.
  • There is a dedicated navigation column to sections that users can customise.

Google has also improved the algorithmic selection for top videos, highlighted the top video in a story card, and built a better player.

New capabilities also allow a user to name custom sections, edit existing sections, type in interests in the “For You” stream, and identify news sources to see more or less of.