7 Design Tips for a Better Bounce Rate

7 Design Tips for a Better Bounce Rate

Picture yourself as the owner of a small, local shop. You watch the foot traffic roll in and out throughout the day, and you begin to notice a pattern. The majority of sales come from a small percentage of the people who enter your store.

Essentially, those customers who walk in and out are “bouncing.” They’ve seen something that brought them through the door, but they didn’t see a reason to stick around.

On your website, these people visit one of your web pages, but leave before viewing any other pages. Something attracted them to your site, but they didn’t see any reason to check out the rest of your content. Your goal is to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

What’s a Good Bounce Rate?

A good bounce rate is determined by the type of website. People are more likely to browse through retail sites because they’re price shopping or comparison shopping. Blog viewership, on the other hand, is generally more of a leisure-time activity. Many readers may only read one article before leaving. Here are Google Analytics’ benchmark averages for bounce rate, as visualized by Quick Sprout: Read on…