Social media strategy

Social media strategy

Social media is one of the biggest keys of marketing these days. For your social media to be successful you need to have a high-level objective strategy, you need a good plan to succeed on the web.

A few years ago social media was seen as just another channel to publish content. These days you need a separate marketing plan for social media, because the market has changed. We will give you four strategies that will change the way people view your business online.

  1. Develop a complete social media strategy

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms and most people use them. For a complete strategy you will have to incorporate other platforms where your employees, customers and candidates can talk about your company and products. For example:

  • You can use LinkedIn for hiring new employees
  • YouTube for videos
  • Pinterest for Images

This list will grow as you do research to find the best platforms for your specific business that will help your brand grow.

  1. Set up a two-way communication model

Brands that use social media just to spread or disperse information may not see returns on their social media usage. Whereas companies that use their social media as two-way communication platform has a bigger success rate. Here are a few ways to the two-way communication flowing on your page:

  • Get a conversation started by posting questions about your company or general topics
  • Get employees and customers to share their queries and experiences. Be creative, use videos or images
  • You can set up customer service pages/tabs with high responsiveness
  1. Retain control in posting on behalf of your company

If you have a company that manages your Social media, make sure they have editorial rights to what they are posting on your behalf.

  1. Set goals and measure the performance

It is important for you to have a goal and measure the performance against those goals and also against your competitors.

You will definitely benefit from your social media if you incorporate these social media strategies.