TEAMBO Facilitators

TEAMBO Facilitators

TEAMBO Facilitators is a privately owned company that provides effective and organised team building through specialised facilitation.  Our services provide value to Employers across all market segments and industries.

Teamwork between employers, managers and employees in different employment levels is crucial in the workplace. Miscommunication between these departments often results in disruptive working conditions that can place unnecessary pressure on employers.

Without specialised assistance to better the Four pillars of an effective team, i.e. Communication, Positivity, Focus and trust, employers are often exposed to huge financial risks when having to deal with unproductive employees or even labor disputes.

TEAMBO Facilitators strives to consistently pursue and maintain long-term relationships with its clients and to empower companies to work with positive and trustworthy employees.

Every TEAMBO event is customised for each group that we work with, which means that no two events are ever the same. Your team and company are unique. Our approach to meeting your needs ensures that your team building experience is relevant to your specific company or team.