SA Auction

SA Auction

SA Auction is a fully online custom auction system built by Digital Platforms. Together with SA Auction we have worked the past 10 years to develop the best online auction solution available. The system allows for live bidding, direct sales, and property sections and has all the invoicing and bookkeeping tools you will ever need to manage your auction house.

The SA Auction Online system has been specifically custom built to adhere to the company’s needs and requirements and run on specific business rules.

Through this exercise we are able to offer any auction house a white label solution that can be customized to suit their specific needs. Contact us today for information about our options.


  • Custom Built
  • NET
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple roles and logins
  • Admin panel to manage all information
  • Sales Portal
  • Live Auction with real-time updates
  • Fica registration
  • Pre – Approvals for bidders
  • Referral network
  • Property Listing