The Pendoring Advertising Awards, established in 1995 by all the leading Afrikaans media role players, focuses on promoting and rewarding outstanding Afrikaans advertising.

As such, Pendoring has grown into a prestigious event on the advertising calendar since its inception with considerable cash prizes for category winners, a R10 000 cash prize for the overall student winner and a study tour abroad to the value of R100 000 for the Prestige Award winner.

Over the past twenty years, Pendoring has, however, also become much more than just an awards event – it has steadily grown into an ongoing campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the importance of Afrikaans advertising and marketing among marketers, creatives and the broader public, culminating in the prestigious annual Pendoring Advertising Awards.

Through Pendoring, the creators of advertising messages (agencies), the messengers (media) and heartbeat of Afrikaans communication (consumers) in fact join forces, providing a solid anchor for Afrikaans.

In addition to remaining true to its strong Afrikaans roots, Pendoring increasingly serves as the ideal vehicle to promote creativity and a renewed interest in other indigenous languages.

As such it has, over the past two decades, evolved into a comprehensive campaign aimed at creating greater awareness of the power of communicating in the home language of a target market – be it Afrikaans, Zulu, isiXhosa, etc.