Maluti Sky

Maluti Sky

We at Digital Platforms are very proud to be associated with the biggest airline in Lesotho, the only Basotho owned airline Maluti Sky. Wit a funky new fresh design and easy accessible information for travelers, the site caters for all who wishes to visit the Mountain Kingdom – Lesotho – Maseru. With a great online booking platforms and paygate for tickets, visitors can book their flight any time via computer, phone or table.

The site also offers great information on local events and attractions. The whole social media marketing campaign is also revised to introduce South African and Lesotho travelers to the new website and airline.

The site is custom designed and built using the latest techniques.

Realising the need to offer services to the general public and the need for local private sector participation and growth in the industry, we diversified our interest. Maluti Sky through the two divisions’ offers scheduled and charter services.We are the only Aircraft Operating Company certified by the Lesotho Department of Civil Aviation (LDCA) to provide scheduled service and charters of any kind for both fixed wing aircraft larger than 19 passengers and helicopters.

Due to the rapid growth of tourism and investments in Lesotho, air transportation has become one of the most needed modes of travel, contributing to both the Kingdom’s economic growth and its infrastructure. In order to fulfil the increasing demands for air transportation, Maluti Sky officially opened its doors, making both the nation and its shareholders proud by operating the Kingdom’s first privately owned commercial airline with domestic and regional charter services. We offer scheduled flights from Maseru to Johannesburg and will soon expand to Durban and Cape Town departing from Maseru on both routes.