Lategan Safaris WordPress Website

Lategan Safaris WordPress Website

Lategan Safaris is one of our latest WordPress website to go live. The website has av ery unique paralax overlay header that moves around when your mouse moves over it. The other great function of the fully updatable wordpress website is that it has a very complete species listing and the website is fully responsive.

Feel free to check out the website!

Lategan Safaris was started in 1999 by Bennie & Carien Lategan. Bennie has been trophy hunting for the last 35 years and big game and plains game hunting professionally for the last 16 years.

The family started Bushman River Lodge in 2003, and since then this has been the base camp.

Lategan Safaris will strive to make your trip to South Africa an unbelievable hunting experience – you will be treated professionally during the hunt and your stay at Bushman River Lodge, and can be assured that Bennie and his professional hunters will ensure that you go back home with great trophies and a memorable hunt. All hunting with Lategan Safaris is done by walking and stalking. For us it is about the hunting experience and not just pulling the trigger. We will ensure that you will get excellent quality animals and a great hunt with Lategan Safaris.

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