Kloppers is a department store that offers a wide range of exciting products at discount prices, with expert and friendly service.

Products range from sporting equipment, household appliances, stationary, furniture, outdoor equipment, kitchenware and a wide range of electronics. Kloppers is basically a one stop shopping destination.

Kloppers strives to deliver a wide range of products for the best possible prices, with the key being to provide the world class customer service.

Willem Klopper snr. (now deceased) started Kloppers in 1967. Differing from other retailers who sold goods at high profit margins, often on credit, Kloppers was special from the start by concentrating on high turnover and low profit margins with the focus on cash sales and personal service.

The prediction of prophets of doom that this approach would not succeed was proven wrong quickly. The Kloppers motto was: “Cash is king”. Willem firmly believed that the client who pays cash should pay less than one buying on credit.

The arrival of TV in 1976 gave Kloppers a big push forward. People became very price conscious and were always on the lookout for the best prices as well as the best service. And that is what Kloppers offered. When Greatermans branches closed down countrywide in 1981, Kloppers sen. bought the local branch and moved Kloppers to the Greatermans premises of 10 000 sq. metres. The name Kloppers was retained and the Greatermans tradeware range was extended significantly.

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