Cutis  – The innovation hub of the Central University of Technology asked Digital Platforms to assist with the building of their brand new website The aim of the website is to showcase their amazing capabilities, featuring state of the art work in the medical fields with the use of 3d printers, product development, design and production and small enterprise development. The Cutis website was built using the latest WordPress platform and incorporates an online portfolio, blog, contact pages and staff overviews. The parallax enabled website and custom 3d polygon header invites the feeling of technology and the future.


Feel free to browse the website here: Contact Digital Platforms if you would like to showcase your portfolio in a unique responsive website. Digital Platforms specializes in web design and development, online systems software, app development, SEO Strategies and integrations, Social media marketing and more. Digital Platforms South Africa is one of the largest and leading web development companies in South Africa.


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Our services and units encompass all this – they put us a CUT above the rest and enable our partners, staff, students and community to think beyond the obvious. See where you can fit in and where we can assist you.

CUTIS is the innovation service of the CUT (Central University of Technology) in Bloemfontein. It is all about innovation, invention and development, all things new and innovative, the future. At CUTIS we develop all the time, our divisions are at the forefront of additive manufacturing, advanced product manufacturing, rapid prototyping, agriculture and food safety and robotics and medical device innovation. CUTIS aims to solve complex problems in society with forward thinking and innovative solutions.