AMT System

AMT System

This project was one of our biggest challenges till date. We had to develop a system where farmers and precision farmers are able to plan and budget for their farm. Working together with Dr. Johnny van der Merwe from AMT, we developed a fully functioning budgeting software for any kind of farmer. They are able to view and plan planting costs, hedging costs, financing needed, harvesting costs and much more.

By capturing valuable data on the client side, we are able to provide a farmer with information such as which tractor to use to be more efficient while being cost effective. We can calculate the time needed for planting and harvesting as well as work out day loans for non-permanent workers.

The system also has a fully functioning mechanization section where farmers are able to keep tabs on all of their equipment, when they should go for service, when it might be better to sell the tractor etc.

All this information is compiled in a unique report that can be sent to any financial institution.

Probably one of the most unique features we have added is that of multiple roles. Brokers, Soil specialists and Pest Specialist are able to contribute to the farmers profile without accessing any private data.

All of this combined will give you the exact cost per hectare to plant, hedge, harvest or sow.