Central Media Group full Level 3 Lockdown regulations and return to work policy

Central Media Group full Level 3 Lockdown regulations and return to work policy

Central Media Group of companies, including OFM, Mahareng Publishing, and Digital Platforms, have adopted and executed as per The Alert Level 3 Regulations in terms of the Disaster Management Act, signed on 28 May 2020 (AL3 Regulations), Notice No.608, the amendment regulations published by Government notice No. R. 480 of 29 April 2020, Level 4.

Workplace re-entry, Monday 01 June 2020, under strict health and safety regulations, and under Government guidelines.

Industries are encouraged to adopt a work-from-home strategy where possible, and all staff who can work remotely must be allowed to do so: Maximum of 54 people in the office, at any given time, during work hours, without rotation, that is less than 50% of the total staff compliment, at any given time, during work hours, without rotation.

The other 50% will continue to work remotely.

Office hours will remain between 9am and 3pm, until further notice, be it at home or at the office.

Workers above the age of 60 as well as those with co-morbidities identified: Staff with risky immune systems will continue to work remotely, until further notice. These staff members has been identified and spoken to independently.

There should be workplace protocols in place that would include disease surveillance and prevention of the spread of infection: We have to embrace a behavioural change in that we must regularly wash our hands for 20 seconds, wear a face mask, keep at least a 1.5 metre distance from other people, avoid touching the face with unwashed hands, and cleaning of surfaces regularly as the most effective defence against the coronavirus. With lockdown being lifted to level 3, let us be aware that the pandemic is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Security guards trained and will follow strict admission rules.

All employers to screen staff on a daily basis for symptoms of Covid-19, including a symptom check as well as a temperature assessment: https://screener.digitalplatforms.co.za/

All staff and visitors to our premises must complete the online questionnaire. QR codes placed at reception for easy access.

Screening at reception is mandatory, and is law. If you are found to not have screened yourself when entering the building, you will be asked to leave. This is a non-negotiable.

All employees to use a cloth mask especially where social distancing is not possible: Masks have been supplied by CMG to all staff. If you do not have a mask on when entering the property, you will be denied access.

Wearing of masks will only be mandatory, when social distancing is not possible when engaging with other staff, under strict health and safety regulations. You MUST have your mask on your person at all times.

Work environment to have sanitisers available or hand-washing facilities with soap: Building equipped with pump, spray and electronic sanitisers and wipes are at strategic point in and around the building.

Stringent social distancing measures should be implemented in the workplace: Social distancing protocols in place including the seating arrangements for staff. The same applies to the coffee stations, and the canteen area, and the smoking area. All markings in place at relevant areas.

Meeting rooms and board rooms will have a maximum seating arrangement and instruction on how

Other protocols implemented for Level 3:

Company deliveries will be accepted at reception.

Clients will be allowed to come to Central Media Park, under strict health and safety regulations, and screening

All clients and/or visitors must wear masks and will be subjected to a screening protocol, as this is a mandatory regulation.

Client meetings to be held in the main boardroom and finance boardroom only. If these spaces are not available, then clients are not allowed to enter our premises. Please check with Reception or Compliance officer, Chimè, on availability before arranging a meeting. Each room does have a MAX person’s allowed.

Compliance COVID-19 Officer: Chimè Meyers, Office Manager, 082 685 2965

CMG has a designated COVID -19 compliance committee, namely
•Nick Efstathiou: CEO,
•Jan van der Walt: Chief Technology Officer,
•Thando Mohlamme: Group HR Manager,
*Chimè Meyers, Office Manager.